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The Tubular Products Division of ArcelorMittal is one of the world's largest and most diversified producers of pipe and tube products, servicing markets around the world from 24 different operating locations in 13 different countries. Our Shelby and Marion, Ohio facilities provide workers with job security, a predictable schedule, and career growth. For over 130 years, generations of employees have experienced the pride that comes from working at ArcelorMittal. There is room for you at ArcelorMittal – from those just starting out to the experienced worker.


130+ Years Strong In Northern Ohio

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For over 130 years, our Shelby facility has contributed to our global effort to manufacture tubular products, including steel tubing and seamless and welded precision tubes. Our employees are part of a long-standing tradition in the community of working at ArcelorMittal. They take pride in their job because it provides a set schedule, stable employment, and a great pension and benefits. In the early 1900s, the plant burned down, and the entire community pitched in to rebuild it so that jobs could stay in the Shelby area. Start writing your story at ArcelorMittal and apply today.

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For over 20 years, The ArcelorMittal Marion facility has manufactured mechanical welded tubular products. Serving the automotive, boiler, conveyor, and distribution industries, our employees are proud of their contribution to manufacturing American-made products. Generations of workers call ArcelorMittal home, and the Marion location is no exception. Here, our employees know they have consistent employment, predictable hours, and can make a great living to take care of their family well. What will your ArcelorMittal story be?

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Highlights 

Our sustainability and corporate responsibility approach is driven by 10 sustainability outcomes. These are essential, not only for the long-term future of our business and our ability to deliver value for all stakeholders, but also for the role that steel has to play in creating high-quality, sustainable lifestyles for people all over the world. Highlights of five of these 10 outcomes, of which ArcelorMittal Shelby plays an important role, include:

• Safe, healthy, quality working lives for all of our people: The lost time injury (LTI) frequency rate in the U.S. in 2019 was .92 per million worker hours.

• Efficient use of resources and high recycling rates: 31.5% percent of each ton of steel produced at ArcelorMittal USA is from recycled scrap steel.

• Responsible energy user that helps create a lower carbon future: 27 energy projects resulted in $19.8 million in energy savings in 2019, the equivalent of powering 14,400 homes for a year.

• Products that accelerate a more sustainable lifestyle: ArcelorMittal invested $301 million toward global research and development efforts.

• Active and welcomed member of the community: Annually, we make significant investments in nonprofit organizations in the areas of STEM education, the environment, and health and safety. The communities where we operate are far more than just the physical locations of our facilities. These communities are made up of our neighbors and key stakeholders. They are also the places where our employees choose to live and raise their families, and where our future workforce is educated and trained. It is important to us to be both an active and a welcomed member of our communities.

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